We work with all types of non-profit groups, from schools to animal shelters, hospitals, hospices, chapters of national organizations such as National Kidney and many others. We want working with Blue River Studio to be easy and effortless. Here are some quotes from the many non-profits we have worked with since 2006.


"The auction is gaining a good reputation thanks to you and what you do. I am serious about my compliments." Ken P. from Florida

"Thanks so much for your patience and working with me and the school. I will have a possible fall event and two spring events this coming year and you can count on me to continue to work with you. Thanks again and you're the best!" Randy B. from Alabama

" Thank you again for all your help with this. It is always a pleasure doing business with you." Karen K. from Kansas

"You are the best! I love working with you and Blue River because you have items we could never afford to buy and then auction." Lynn K. from Arizona

"We love working with you guys." Marti S. North Carolina